Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2012

All the drops gather here.
Seattle, October 20-21, 2012



After two enlistments in the Air Force, I worked in government contracting as a database programmer for 10 years. As I developed mad skills as an Oracle DBA, I moved on to consulting with a mid-sized company that provided Oracle solutions. Did that for 5 years and realized that money wasn't everything and I wanted my life back so I went back to school to learn Multimedia and Web Development with my sites set on the local library system or community college. KRL was a perfect fit and I've been here 6 years working with Joomla. I do love Joomla but I'm ready to move on to Drupal as the majority of public libraries in this country are using Drupal as their CMS of choice, so there's just better support for it.

Kitsap Regional Library
Applications Systems Administrator