Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2012

All the drops gather here.
Seattle, October 20-21, 2012

One Site to Rule Them All - Responsive Mobile-First Development and Best Practices

Design and Theming
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Responsive Design is being touted as the "one site to rule all devices" but now that we are becoming more familiar with what a responsive website is, we need to begin discussing about how it is done and what pitfalls stand between ourselves and amazing responsive sites.

As one of the Omega Team Members and moderators its issue queue and IRC chat room #drupal-omega , I've seen many frustrated developers trying to figure out how to deliver an engaging responsive experience for their visitors. Throughout all these a few common themes come up which we'll discuss:

  1. Images - Is there a best practice on how to deliver the right image without taking up too much bandwidth? What about Retina displays?
  2. Menus - What do I do to make my menus interactive yet usable?
  3. Layouts - Is what my designer wants to do even possible?!
  4. CSS - How can I make my site really change between layouts?
  5. Performance - How do I create the experience I want without having to take 10 seconds to load each page?

I'll provide real world examples of how each of these were tackled, including the site.

I'll also do a walkthrough of the current state of the Omega theme, giving an overview of the 4.x branch and the new architecture it provides (Can you say responsive SASS grids?!) and how we are continuing to create new features to handle the topics above.

The format of this session will be an interactive one, taking questions throughout and ending with a question and answer discussion time. Bring your successes and stumbling blocks for the group to discuss!