Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2012

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Seattle, October 20-21, 2012

Mapping and GIS on the server side in drupal

Development and Code
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In the beginning of Drupal and Geo talks, there were a bunch of points on a google map. Then views was able to do some basic proximity searches and openlayers support got better. Now mapping tools have evolved and Drupal is evolving too.

This session will discuss solving more complex GIS problems. How can we tell when geographic data overlaps or if two items are within a buffer distance (is the road within 5kms of the river) of each other? How can we handle complex geographic data and interact with industry standard data formats like shapefile, google earth kml files and WKT data?

At Affinity Bridge, we’ve been working on hard on these solutions, using PostGIS as a backend to manage GIS calculations and warehouse geo-data. For the frontend, we need to show the data in meaningful and relevant ways to user, so this session will show mapping with Leaftlet and the display of geoqueries to the user.

This talk will discuss the current D7 modules for dealing with spatial data: leaflet, geofield, sync_postgis, tilestach and spatial. I’ll also discuss some strategies for handling large sets of data in composite tiles, the basics of WAX integration and UTF8 grid.

Will discuss some of the concepts found in this post


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Enjoyed your talk on this @VancouverDrupalCamp in June, Mack. Looking forward to this and some BoF sharing re mapping in October!