Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2012

All the drops gather here.
Seattle, October 20-21, 2012

From inception to launch, achieve beautiful Drupal sites with less effort and useful tools.

Development and Code
Experience Level: 

If you’re relatively new to Drupal, or have been frustrated with the amount of time it takes to go from inception to launch then this session is for you. If you’re interested in adding some new tools to your developer toolbox then this may also be of interest.

Long complicated process?

While Drupal is an incredible framework for building small and large sites, sometimes the effort involved seems to outweigh the end result. Downloading, enabling and configuring modules and themes. Building content types, views and contexts. Entering site configuration and dummy content. All of these can be incredibly time consuming. Outside of Drupal there is also the creation of wireframes, mockups and mobile responsive layouts. Theming is also a large part of any project and depending on the design this can be a painful and /or complicated process. When the client inevitably needs to see a working version of the site, do you need to scramble to put it somewhere they can access it and ensure it has the correct version of the database?

Tools for streamlining

Over the past few months at Raised Eyebrow Web Studio we discovered a collection of Drupal and non Drupal tools that have helped us to streamline our time from inception to launch. In this session we’ll walk through our process from wireframes to final launch, with the end result being a fully functional, themed, Drupal site.

What we’ll cover:

  • Interactive wireframing using a CSS framework
  • Using Drush make and Features
  • Using a theme based on the CSS framework
  • Using a tool to speed up theming
  • Using a tool to present the site to the client
  • Versioning the database
  • Launching quickly

We’ll also make all of the code used freely available so that you can start speeding up your Drupal site build time immediately.


Thanks to all for attending this sessions.

For those of you interested in the tools were used, here they are:

Foundation Framework

Responsive CSS, HTML, JS framework -

Drush Make & Poratable DB Dump

For building the site and creating backups.

Make file for the presentation can be found here -


For making your local site visible to all -

All of our features on bitbucket

You can see all of our Public repos at -

Below are some ones we used in the presentation.

Events -
Blog -
Page -
Slideshow -
Videos -
WYWIWYG Profile -

Any questions just ask :)