Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2012

All the drops gather here.
Seattle, October 20-21, 2012

Information Architecture and Administration

The Site Building track contains 2 sub-topics: Drupal Admin and Systems Admim.
Drupal Admin covers anything and everything that you can do through the administration interface without writing code. Sessions should focus on providing solutions, key concepts and stimulating the development of skills and solutions.
Systems Admin targets all things outside Drupal, but that are essential to know when working with Drupal. For instance setting up Varnish, running on a cluster, or switching to Nginx.

Drupal meal planning

Every web site needs navigation and a way for visitors to get to your content.
This overview session will present a survey of core and contrib modules for menu management and display, with possible side forays into breadcrumbs and site maps.

(CC image courtesy flickr user mhaithaca)

Visualizing Big Data In Drupal: Using Data Visualizations to Drive Knowledge Discovery

Just as your website tells a story to your users, the data you collect from them (through form submissions, click rates, Length of Stay, etc.) tells you a story about them.

And while examining the underlying data is important, often the most effective way to quickly and concisely tell that story is with pictures.

Communities of Practice Webspaces, Health client, Node.js, Chat Room

This session will describe the development cycle of our recent build of Community of Practice support 'webspaces' for a Provincial Health Authority (HA) in British Columbia. We will show a short video demo of the CoPS system in use.

Plan for the session:
1. Code... Demo and introduce details of an eMeeting Feature that uses Chat Room, Node.js integration and Node.js to have two chat panes live during a teleconference. One pane is for live notes (meeting transcript). Live IM in Drupal anyone?
2. Business case review...

Drupal Archaeology

Drupal is an adventure! Especially when you encounter a Drupal site that you didn't build or that you know little about. Sometimes the adventure is tame exploration of functionality and sometimes it can involve battling Nazis who hacked Drupal Core.

In this session we'll present methods to help you uncover important information about your Drupal installation that will:

Drupal 7 search: Search API & Apache Solr

In Drupal 7, if you want fast, scalable, and faceted search, you have two options:

  • Search API
  • Apache Solr Search Integration.

In this session, I'll briefly cover the advantages of faceted search, give an overview of the two solr solutions above and use cases for each, and then dive into how to configure them, focusing particularly on the conceptually complex (but powerful, flexible, and exciting) Search API module.

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