Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2012

All the drops gather here.
Seattle, October 20-21, 2012

Community, Business and Project Management

The Business and Best Practices track is aimed primarily at end-users experienced or new to Drupal, comprising business and other sectors, such as government, education, NGOs. It covers topics about, among others, implementing a successful site, project management, using Drupal as the basis of a product, using Drupal in education or building an e-commerce site. This is the place to present case studies, that have advanced or will further the state-of-art in Drupal or the web.

Drupal Commons in the Real World: building community sites using Drupal Commons

Drupal Commons Mission Statement:
"Drupal Commons empowers communities with easy-to-use collaboration tools so that they can answer questions, share solutions and self-organize."

Drupal Commons is a Drupal distribution preconfigured with modules and features to power online communities inside and/or outside your organization.

IRC: Collaborating with the wizards behind the curtain

The most prolific and well-known Drupal contributors collaborate real-time using IRC (Internet Relay Chat). They talk about patches up for review and changes they want to make to Drupal and its contributed projects. They trade patch reviews and help each other with thorny problems. And they're always glad to welcome new contributors. In this session we'll discuss the nuts and bolts of IRC -- what it is, how to get connected -- and what you can expect when you stick your head in the door for the first time.

Agile Project Management - Scrum & Drupal

You've heard of Agile, and probably even worked on a team that said it was agile. You may have attended a scrum, or a standup worked off of a back log, and with iterative sprints, but do you really know what Scrum is? In this session, GregoryHeller, certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Product Owner will walk you through the various aspects of The Scrum Methodology, explain the different roles on a scrum team, and talk about applying scrum to Drupal projects, and applying scrum to projects for external clients.

One Size Fits None: A Modular Approach to Higher Education

You've got a Higher Ed website(s) or web platform, and you want to move to Drupal, or extend your current Drupal implementation. There's lots of Drupal EDU distributions out there, and you may even be using one of them. But you, as a single or a multiple site or unified Higher Ed website owner still have unique needs. You might find yourself having to make trade-offs, piece together solutions or customize to the point that a Distribution might as well be a customized site built from scratch. With OpenEDU, you can get the best of both worlds.

DataPublic: An open data portal distribution

This session will describe the process behind the creation of DataPublic, an open data portal Drupal distribution to provide organizations with a website for hosting their own open data. It involved the creation of custom modules, a responsive theme and lots of features as well as wrapping those up into an easy to use distribution.

Find out more at -

Panel: Working as a Drupal Dev: Freelance vs Subcontract vs Employment

With all of the sessions on a business' perspective of a Drupal Developer, why not get the Developer's point of view as to what is involved in being a Drupal Developer.

This session will be a panel discussion with 3 types of developers, 1) The Freelance Developer: this is someone who works for themselves as a Drupal Developer; 2) The Contract Developer: this is someone who does work on contract for a Drupal Development Firm; and 3) The Employee Drupal Developer: this is someone that works at a Drupal Development Firm as a full time employee.

How to give back: A lesson in getting involved

We all at one time or another have been 'that person', lurking in #drupal-support, sitting at the back of meetups, etc. As a recent wallflower, I'll submit a few ideas and comments about how to get involved and how I dealt with some of my fears and insecurities about jumping into the community. Getting involved in a community can be a big, scary idea. Especially if you're the type who dislikes confrontation, getting involved means risking stepping on someone else's toes or making a mistake.

Marketing Drupal

What do the clients say about Drupal? How is Drupal servicing their needs? What are the barriers to marketing Drupal? In this session we will invite a panel to openly discuss the challenges of marketing Drupal to their clients, hear their stories, frustrations and best practices.

Using Drupal for Multiple Sites: Effective Strategies for Enterprise Web Platforms

How many websites is your organization running? Your main site. Program and project sites. Product sites. Community sites. Marketing sites, blogs, and event sites. There is a way to manage it all. Drupal can help you save time and money by efficiently managing your ecosystem of web properties that, like it or not, most organizations find themselves having to manage across their enterprise.

In this session, you'll learn practical how-to's and real-world case studies of using Drupal as a platform to:


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