Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2012

All the drops gather here.
Seattle, October 20-21, 2012

Development and Code

The track Code and Coders is all about the programming for Drupal - PHP you need to know, Drupal patterns, Drupal structure, tools and how to use them - and the people developing Drupal.

Vim for Drupallers

This session is for finding out how the old-school editor, Vim, is just dandy for Drupal.

We will cover some cool plugins, and awesome resources (especially for those of us on Macs) and answering questions about how to use some features you may not know are available.

Debugging? Autocomplete? File browsing? Function and variable lists? Yep, all here, and more!

Even if you have never used Vim before or are Vim-curious, check it out!

Webapps with Drupal

The Web Apps are here!

Drupal's mastered the back-end. Now it needs a front-end JS framework to help with building dynamic user interfaces in the browser. jQuery alone doesn't cut it.

To the rescue come Backbone.js and Ember.js: popular, powerful, lightweight, and fun MVC-like JS frameworks.

This presentation will include a discussion of basic web application development principals, demonstrate how to move data between Drupal and your webapp using Services or RestWS, introduce and contrast Backbone.js and Ember.js, and walk-through examples of each in action.

Upgrading to Drupal 7

Frustration. CCK is gone. Fields are in core. What about images! And then there is theming? Why did it all have to change so much? How do I get my complex site upgraded?

Upgrading Drupal 5 and 6 sites to Drupal 7  via a simple overview and then a presentation ofmethodologies for dealing with common roadblocks including:

  • Modules that are gone or not supported.
  • Handling fields and images.
  • Upgrading a theme.

Getting started with SimpleTest

Testing your code is important during development to ensure that requirements are being met while nothing broke unexpectedly. Unit tests for Drupal are written in SimpleTest. Running a test runs Drupal in a sandbox, installs modules, and performs functions such as creating a node. Anything that didn't work or threw an error will be reported so you know what to fix. Creating and using tests adds time for development, it will help keep code maintainable, especially for big projects with lots of developers.

We'll cover:

Drupal Commerce: Why it rocks

Drupal Commerce is the new hotness for eCommerce on Drupal. This session will be a high level presentation on what Drupal Commerce is, why should anyone care, and what makes it so awesome. Drupal Commerce is running on several high level sites such as DrupalCon Munich, McDonalds France and many more. It uses Drupal's framework to make eCommerce as flexible as needed. With the newest release of Commerce Kickstart, it's easier than ever to see why Drupal Commerce is quickly becoming the go-to for Drupal eCommerce.

Have a field day with fields

Trying to figure out how to extract data from fields so that it can be manipulated or displayed in ways other than the default method can be frustrating. The result is often complex logic and code in the theming layer and consequently, the proliferation of template files. This is almost never the correct way to solve the problem, since it's usually not technically a theming issue.

This session will be focused largely on writing custom modules. Hooks will be implemented, so an understanding of at least the basics of PHP programming will be useful.

Git it on

Git is the latest and most exciting piece of SCM in a long time, even better it's 100% open source. Git is now the main source control on Easy to install and super flexible, source control isn't just for the corporate types anymore. This introductory session highlights how to use Git not only as a source control client in a team setting, but how to manage just about any kind of electronic information.


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