Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2012

All the drops gather here.
Seattle, October 20-21, 2012

Development and Code

The track Code and Coders is all about the programming for Drupal - PHP you need to know, Drupal patterns, Drupal structure, tools and how to use them - and the people developing Drupal.

Rapid native mobile app development with Drupal and Titanium / PhoneGap

Tools like Titanium and PhoneGap allow for rapid development of cross-platform, native mobile applications using standard web technologies such HTML and Javascript. By using Drupal as a backend for these applications, you can manage content, users, and business logic using techniques you already know, while creating apps that have full native device functionality and the ability to be listed and sold in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

In this session, we'll cover:

Quality Assurance for Drupal Sites with Behat and Mink

Never again tell someone to "click around and make sure everything's working" after a security update or spend hours working through a tedious spreadsheet to make sure a routine update hasn't broken the site.

Mink and Behat are frameworks that can be used with Drupal to describe a site's features in formal but plain client language, creating valuable documentation as features are implemented. These feature descriptions are then turned into automated tests to ensure that your site works after module, theme, and security updates.

Git super basics

Git Super Basics

Git has continued to be the version control system of choice for Drupal and the related projects. If you have yet to take the plunge or are unsure of how to use git with Drupal during development this session is for you. This will be an interactive session so bring your laptop and take the plunge into git.

If you want to start contributing code to modules as patches, share work with others in your team, or start your own project you will want to use git.

Start Using Drush!

Why are you still downloading, unzipping, and then uploading modules to your server? Do it with one command using Drush in less than 5 seconds!

Don't be afraid of the command line, come to this session and learn what Drush is and how it can save you time in your workflow. I'll keep things simple and easy so you can get using it right away. Here are a few of the items that we'll cover:

Reaching the Remote - Using Drupal and SMS to Connect Humanitarians in Haiti

Recently I've been involved in a project called Hope One Source that has the goal of fostering collaboration between humanitarian organizations around the world. To do this we built a site that allows for location aware postings and SMS notifications to connect organizations that do not have a steady means of accessing the web regularly. In addition, the site is running 3 con-current languages and manages the messages based on this as well.

Mistakes Programmers Make

Expert programmers who are new to Drupal often approach Drupal programming in ways that are... let's just say, less than optimal. Learn about the common mistakes that programmers make (so you can avoid them), and the principles that seasoned Drupalists follow in their programming (so you can follow them). Plus, find out where to apply your programming skills to the best effect.


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