Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2012

All the drops gather here.
Seattle, October 20-21, 2012

Volunteers needed

We are forming a roster and schedule of volunteers for performing various Summit related tasks. See Schedule Overview and Full schedule

At the Summit, go to the check-in table and tell the organizer you want to volunteer. See the PDF file attachments at the bottom of this page for schedule openings.

If you are registered for the Summit (required) and want to help, review the volunteer tasks below, LOGIN, and respond via the Contact form (Category: Volunteer; Subject “Volunteer preferences”)

Volunteer tasks

  1. Cold beverages (AM/PM) (Sat & Sun) – 2 people all day each day in 1 hour shifts
  2. Sign-in/Help Desk (name tags, pens, sign-ins, printed schedules, event info, swag) – 2 people all day each day in 1 hour shifts
  3. Lunch (Sat & Sun) – 4 people
  4. Room prep for next session – 4 people all day each day in 1 hour shifts
  5. Final sweep (Sunday PM remove all signs, put trash and recycling in proper containers) – 4 people Sunday afternoon
  6. Transportation coordinators for party night (bus tickets, schedules, directions) – 4 people Saturday afternoon
  7. Outside sign boards (prepare signs, pickup, position and return sign boards) – 4 people
  8. Inside signs – 2 people
  9. Commons message board setup/takedown – 2 people (Sunday afternoon)
  10. Friday night room monitors, registration volunteer, sign for hotel lobby – 4 people Friday night (2 hour shifts?)
  11. Morning activity (ice breaker) help (setup, cleanup) - 2 people each morning

If you want to help AND you are registered for the Summit

  1. Check the Conference Schedule of Events
  2. Note which days, times, and/or sessions you are available (Friday eve, Saturday day, Saturday eve, Sunday day)
  3. Note tasks you prefer doing
  4. LOGIN and use the site Contact form. Select the Volunteer category; subject “Volunteer preferences”, and enter in the message body your full name, username, and details from steps 2 & 3.
  5. We will be in touch with a contact for you to work with.

*The PNWDS team*

Attached PDF files for Volunteer Schedules Sat & Sun
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