Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2012

All the drops gather here.
Seattle, October 20-21, 2012

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Submitted by michael.k on

Will you be discussing more than the Media module? It would be helpful to see a discussion about working with media in general that includes professional workflows that upload or acquire assets locally, not just ones that come from third party sites.

Also, please address the pain points of uploading thousands of images into nodes; uploading and transcoding videos (I use Video module with FFmpeg, but it doesn't play well with Media module); publishing media assets via a CDN like Amazon or Rackspace; uploading and theming large quantities of audio assets with transcripts; assigning date and other information/metadata to assets using EXIF, getID3, and other libraries.

Submitted by michael.k on

Menus are a constant pain point in Drupal, even simple drop-down menus. It would be great if you could talk about the necessary planning, code prep, and execution for professional-looking menus that quickly get a user into a complex site structure (and the breadcrumbs that follow).

So it would be nice to see discussion of how to cook up the right recipe for a particular site — beyond enabling Nice Menus or OM Maximenu — and achieving tasty variations of mega menus, menus with images and complex layouts, submenus, and integration with things like jQuery tabs, Ajax, etc.

Submitted by cnburnett on

Enjoyed your talk on this @VancouverDrupalCamp in June, Mack. Looking forward to this and some BoF sharing re mapping in October!

Submitted by jkopel on

It was a joke, or creative license, or a metaphor, or something.

Submitted by Susan Rust on

Drupal Anywhere's holistic approach to a solution-driven web strategy is an ideal way to begin a new Drupal project. Learn how a Phase 0 process precedes normal Discovery and Architecture which allows developers and clients to fully understand and successfully implement their next major technology strategy. We provide these services for client companies and Drupal development firms. This interactive 45 minutes will help you structure your next project for success and profitability.


01) Determine business rules and website objectives
02) Review current web infrastructure
03) Assess risks and evaluate resources
04) Develop a content strategy for taxonomy, content types
05) Develop a integration strategy for third-party services
06) Develop a migration strategy for data
07) Evaluate feature requests
08) Create roadmap for budget and timeline
09) Outline new features and functionality
10) Custom Drupal hands-on training
11) Preliminary Scope of Work


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