Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2012

All the drops gather here.
Seattle, October 20-21, 2012

Communities of Practice Webspaces, Health client, Node.js, Chat Room

Information Architecture and Administration
Experience Level: 

This session will describe the development cycle of our recent build of Community of Practice support 'webspaces' for a Provincial Health Authority (HA) in British Columbia. We will show a short video demo of the CoPS system in use.

Plan for the session:
1. Code... Demo and introduce details of an eMeeting Feature that uses Chat Room, Node.js integration and Node.js to have two chat panes live during a teleconference. One pane is for live notes (meeting transcript). Live IM in Drupal anyone?
2. Business case review...

Business case: A 'community of practice' (CoP) in this context is a sub-group of health professionals who deal with specific clients (e.g. youth with concurrently mental health, substance use, and homelessness issues). The 'S' in CoPS is for 'Supports'. Health professional CoPS sites range in size from a dozen people to hundreds, spread over a large geographic region, and coming from multiple disciplines (e.g. nurses, nutritionists, social workers, and emergency responders). By design (for security), current silo-ed BC Health Authority information systems restrict information exchange amoungst such diverse CoPs. Our client needed a robust, feature-rich, replicable and secure web sites system.

We shall review the following Development Cycle: Year 1 consisted of user needs surveys, interviews with HA technical leads, story-boarding, wire-framing and eventual prototyping with Open Atrium. In year 2, Atrium (D6) was dropped in favour of a custom D7 suite of features. In year 3 (current development), 7 CoPS sites are active with several hundred users, and we are actively improving UI and functionality. The goal for Year 4 is to have the code ported to its own Drupal Install Profile.