Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2012

All the drops gather here.
Seattle, October 20-21, 2012

How to give back: A lesson in getting involved

Community, Business and Project Management
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We all at one time or another have been 'that person', lurking in #drupal-support, sitting at the back of meetups, etc. As a recent wallflower, I'll submit a few ideas and comments about how to get involved and how I dealt with some of my fears and insecurities about jumping into the community. Getting involved in a community can be a big, scary idea. Especially if you're the type who dislikes confrontation, getting involved means risking stepping on someone else's toes or making a mistake. I'll present the costs, risks and rewards of getting involved in the Drupal community, especially the local Drupal Group.

* How not to make introductions - Ode to a troll
* How to find people with common interests
* How to take the plunge - getting involved
* What it the community, who are they anyway
* 5 rules to ALWAYS follow in the community
* What I wish I could do over again (self feedback)
* What I wish others could do over again (community feedback)
* How Nike got it right - JUST DO IT
* Top 10 reasons to get involved