Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2012

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Seattle, October 20-21, 2012

Issuing HTTP Requests in Drupal 8

Development and Code
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This session will go over how to Issue HTTP requests in Drupal 8 with the assumption that this issue gets accepted in core: Adopt Guzzle library to replace drupal_http_request(). Even if this doesn't get accepted in core, using a library like Guzzle in comparison to writing your own cURL implementation is a good idea.

Guzzle is a PHP HTTP client & framework for building RESTful web service clients and it's built following PSR-0. In comparison to drupal_http_request() Guzzle offers a lot of advantages because it allows you to truly reap the benefits of the HTTP/1.1 spec, making persistent connection management and sending requests in parallel easier. Guzzle also has some nice additions to it as well, such as:
Non Blocking Requests: Open connection; write to it; do not wait to read, instead close connection. This is very useful for things like fixing performance issues with poor mans cron, building css/js aggregates in the background, building image cache presets in the background and doing general batch jobs in the background.
Callbacks: Run custom code once that connection is done. If issuing parallel http requests, processing the returned data while other streams are being downloaded will improve the scripts performance.
Testing: Guzzle provides several tools that will enable you to easily unit test your web service clients. See

See for more awesomeness