Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2012

All the drops gather here.
Seattle, October 20-21, 2012

Maps for Lands Management

Development and Code
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This session will be focused on a suite of modules and work-flows that
we have developed to assist in the lands management business case.
Lands management is conducted by local government and First Nations
when tracking, assessing and responding to development applications
(think forestry cut block applications and fish farm float tenures).

We won't spend any time describing the business case beyond this
introduction; instead we'll jump right into code examples and demos.

We will be demoing tools built using the OpenLayers, Geo, and Geomark
modules and the GeoPHP library. These modules work with 'true' GIS
data (points, lines and polygons) that are stored in a geospatial database
(PostGIS or MySQL Spatial). The data may be stored locally, or
accessed via geo web standards (WMS, WFS will be explained) or via
other API interfaces.

Some of the topics that will be discussed or demoed:

o Getting spatial data into your Development Application content type
-- E.g. Openlayers drawing tools, Shapefile upload, BC Govt Geomark
URL, KML upload
o Building ‘Reports’ using Openlayers and Views
-- E.g. cumulative DA map with time range
-- E.g. per company map
--E.g. Spatial queries against community data, such as traditional use data
o Pulling map layers into a map through WMS and WFS
-- E.g. BC Government biophysical map layers

This presentation will be led by Greg Sebastian ( with
assistance from Patrick Hayes, one of the maintainers of the
Openlayers module and the GeoPHP lead, and Charles Burnett (also of