Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2012

All the drops gather here.
Seattle, October 20-21, 2012

One Size Fits None: A Modular Approach to Higher Education

Community, Business and Project Management
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You've got a Higher Ed website(s) or web platform, and you want to move to Drupal, or extend your current Drupal implementation. There's lots of Drupal EDU distributions out there, and you may even be using one of them. But you, as a single or a multiple site or unified Higher Ed website owner still have unique needs. You might find yourself having to make trade-offs, piece together solutions or customize to the point that a Distribution might as well be a customized site built from scratch. With OpenEDU, you can get the best of both worlds.

Rather than having to choose between a Distribution or Custom Site Build, OpenEDU's flexible suite of KIT Compliant Features and configurations can be used together as a starting point for your site, in piecemeal or leveraged on their own with any existing Drupal site or Distribution.

Features Include:

- Robust and flexible publishing functionality: Pre-populated with common content types and features like news listings, event calendars, profiles, etc so you can focus on what's important: content.
- Customizable "locked-down" branding and design options: Create a unified look and feel across your site network, while still giving departments and other site owners significant flexibility over color schemes, layouts and graphics.
- Content Syndication: Publish content once and re-use it across all or some of your websites. Share news, rich media, events and other information across some or all of your sites from one convenient location.
- Single Sign On Service: Users log in once across all of your institution’s websites, while individual granular control over permissions still keep users out of sites where they shouldn't have access.
- Rapid Site Deployment: Your team can deploy new pre-configured sites in a matter of minutes not days.

Currently running Portland State University's entire web platform ( live on over 200 websites and counting!), and with more Higher Ed releases on the way, OpenEDU is highly modular framework and its many features can be used as a starting point for any Higher Ed platform, or integrated into existing Drupal distributions or websites.