Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2012

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Seattle, October 20-21, 2012

Reaching the Remote - Using Drupal and SMS to Connect Humanitarians in Haiti

Development and Code
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Recently I've been involved in a project called Hope One Source that has the goal of fostering collaboration between humanitarian organizations around the world. To do this we built a site that allows for location aware postings and SMS notifications to connect organizations that do not have a steady means of accessing the web regularly. In addition, the site is running 3 con-current languages and manages the messages based on this as well.

Using the Tropo API - and a module that won the Tropo Hackathon at Denver's Drupalcon - we will discuss how you can enable your site with SMS messaging and some of the pitfalls found along the way. Also, we'll discuss Open Layers and a version of the Open Layers Proximity module that allows for filtering based off of entity locations and how this can bring a new layer to your mapping project.

In addition we will discuss how projects such as this have been done through grassroots support by Drupal developers volunteering hours. I'll discuss some of the ways I've been able to enlist help from those in the community. With this, he hope for this session is that it would also be a discussion around how using our knowledge, the Drupal community can reach out and aid the humanitarian efforts around the world. Bring your ideas to share with everyone!

We recently launched the beta study in Northern Haiti and are constantly getting feedback on the system, which I'll include in the presentation.