Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2012

All the drops gather here.
Seattle, October 20-21, 2012

Responsive Design for Drupal

Design and Theming
Experience Level: 

With the rise of mobile and tablet markets designers and front-end
developers started to scratch their heads on how to provide the best
user experience across all platforms. In this section we'll examine
the benefits of using a responsive layout for your website comparing
it to other techniques and present some basic information on making
your website or application mobile friendly.

Some points to be discussed:

- Responsive Design X Mobile Specific Theming
- Thinking fluid / Thinking Responsive
- Introduction to media Queries
- Scaling your images for the Retina Display.
- Potencial Chalenges
- Frameworks to speed up the process.

This section aimed at designers, themers and anyone involved on design
decisions and process. Understanding of CSS and drupal theming is an
asset but not required.