Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2012

All the drops gather here.
Seattle, October 20-21, 2012

Site Administration Nirvana with Panelizer, Reusable Generic Views, and Region Panes

Development and Code
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Issues mentioned during the session:


The Context module is great; for a technically-minded coder or site-builder, especially. But then you hand the site off to your client… and then it comes: A simple question. Something that should be easy, like, “How do I get that block that appears on all Article pages not to appear on articles Foobar and Fizzbuzz?” Then you find yourself writing The Big Long Email about how contexts work, decoupling contexts, using “override” contexts, and managing block weights between multiple contexts firing on the same page. Ugh.

I knew there must be a better way, but when I tried using Panels, I always encountered a deal-breaker. Usually it was this one:

How can the client add sidebar blocks to many pages at once, after the site's been built?

I finally discovered a solution, and along the way made other discoveries that tipped the scale:

  • Panelizer: Allows customizing individual node and taxonomy term pages.
  • Panels (new) In Place Editor (IPE). It rocks.
  • How to build reusable Views listings that are highly configurable (think Beans) without the Views UI — with no coding

Other topics:

  • Page Manager
  • A quick look at AdaptiveTheme 3.x’s responsive layouts
  • Style plugins for even more admin control (possibly!)

This session will dip into these topics enough to whet your appetite and get you started building flexible Drupal 7 sites that are fun to administer.